Dental Bridge
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What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is similar to multiple crowns fused together, except the tooth which is being replaced is a solid replica of the tooth it is replacing.

This bridge is held in place by two healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The two teeth are ground down and reshaped to fit crowns on both sides of the gap. Crowns are cemented onto the two teeth, with the bridge fitted in between the two crowns.​

The bridge will look and function like natural teeth. Unfortunately, the grinding of the two healthy teeth that support the crowns and bridge increases the chance of tooth decay and early failure of the bridge.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Today, implant-supported bridges are the preferred treatment among leading dentists because they preserve healthy teeth, help reduce bone loss caused by missing teeth, and preserve your facial appearance.

An implant bridge is fitted on two crowns that are resting on surgically implanted posts.

In many cases, the doctors at New Day Smile Dental Group can offer same-day tooth replacement for people suffering from missing teeth.

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The Problem With Missing Teeth

A patient can incur negative effects by leaving the missing tooth untreated. Leaving spaces in the mouth can cause multiple teeth to shift and move which can cause biting problems and/or jaw issues (TMJ). Periodontal problems (gum disease) can also occur at the site of the missing and surrounding teeth.

And the most disfiguring of all, bone loss, which will make you look years older, can erode your confidence. Having a dentist treat a missing or badly decayed tooth is critical to preventing any further complications.

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